Dr. Theresa Turla

Dr. Theresa Turla, Board Certified Ophthalmologist

Dr. Theresa Turla is a board certified ophthalmologist specializing in general ophthalmology. After working in the New Orleans area for 23 years, she now works as a locum tenens traveling to different parts of the country to fill in where doctors are needed. Her work experience allows her to adapt in many situations which prove helpful for medical mission work. In the past she has participated in surgical brigades in Mainland Honduras and Roatan, partnering with SEE International and KHISH Project vision.

Dr. Turla’s path to Ophthalmology

After completing both an ob/gyn and family medicine internship, Dr. Turla was drawn into ophthalmology. Establishing long term relationship with patients and performing surgeries are the primary reasons Dr. Turla chose this field. She finds helping patients regain lost sight and preventing vision loss extremely rewarding.

Dr. Turla and Health in Sight

Dr. Turla has been traveling to Roatan since 2010 and finally moved there January 2019. There, she volunteers in the eye clinic in Oakridge and at Clinica Esperenza participating as a clinic ophthalmologist and as a surgeon with visiting surgical brigades.

In 2015, Dr. Turla reached out to Dr. Bowers inquiring how she can assist in attaining his goals for ophthalmology care in Roatan. She will be instrumental in performing the local (Roatan) leg work required to establish a permanent ophthalmology clinic on the island.