Dr. Paul Kang

Dr. Paul Kang, Vice-President

Dr. Paul Kang is a board-certified ophthalmologist at Eye Doctors of Washington in Washington DC and the Vice President of Health In Sight Mission. Dr. Kang specializes in cataract and refractive surgery and is renowned for his skill and experience. He has served in many leadership capacities and his prolific accomplishments have been acknowledged with professional recognition, positive patient reviews, and several awards.

Dr. Kang’s Path to Ophthalmology

Dr. Kang’s motivation to become an eye doctor stems from his blind father, Young Woo Kang. Young Woo was born in a small South Korean town at a time when modern medicine was not available. As a result, he became blind from a soccer accident at the age of 16.

While Dr. Kang could not restore his father’s vision, he became dedicated to improving or restoring sight for others. He built a vibrant medical practice in Washington DC, yet also felt compelled to help people who were living in less fortunate circumstances as a way of honoring his father.

Dr. Kang and Health In Sight Mission

While researching various mission opportunities, Dr. Kang learned about Health In Sight Mission of Roatan, and felt inspired by the work they were doing to bring vision care to underserved patients. He has since joined their efforts and brings his skill and specialized training to the people on the island. Dr Kang leads regular mission teams to Roatan and also uses his vast experience and relationships to bring awareness and support to this important cause.