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Health in Sight Mission - What We Do

Health In Sight Mission of Roatan is a 501c3 non-profit organization that has been delivering eye care to the indigent people of Roatan since 2005. The organization is comprised of teams of volunteer physicians, clinical, and non-clinical staff that regularly travel to Roatan to perform eye surgery and deliver eye care for patients who would otherwise not have access. Health In Sight Mission works closely with the local health care community including Clinica Esperaza. We also support the New Life Clinic and local doctors on the east side of the island to deliver general medical care to the local community.

Impact of Health in Sight Mission
2005 - 2019

5,000+ Patients Screened

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600+ Prescription Glasses Donated

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300+ Cataract Surgeries Performed

Eye Surgery Supplies Equipment

Increasing Our Impact With a New Clinic

Health in Sight Mission has recently expanded its commitment to the helping the people of Roatan with a vision to build a state of the art eye clinic on the island that will support the delivery of modern eye care through advanced technology. We have secured industry partners that are supporting us in achieving this goal. In addition, we are working in conjunction with local Honduran ophthalmologists on the mainland to deliver care. Ultimately, the goal is to create a self-sustaining eye clinic run by Honduran doctors and locals to provide care to the people of Roatan. In the future, we also believe the center can also serve as a training facility for other ophthalmologists across Latin America as the ophthalmologists from Health in Sight are committed to supporting the island and the people we have come to love.

Want to help us build our new clinic? Donate today and help us reach our fundraising goal of $350,000!

Help Us Build a New Clinic

Past vs Future Impact

While mission trips over the years have been successful, the need for eye care on Roatan is still tremendous. Our efforts have been limited by the lack of clinic space with reliable climate control, electricity, and water. These constraints have been a barrier to bringing local physicians and advanced technology to the island.

The new eye clinic will be next to Clinica Esperanza, which is an existing hospital on Roatan for the indigent on the island, and will provide a stable infrastructure. Clinica Esperanza operates year around and cares for an average of 100 patients a day. For the first time they will have access to eye care through the new Health in Sight Mission eye clinic.

The new eye clinic will allow us to utilize advanced technology, much of which has already been donated by industry sponsors. This will allow for telemedicine opportunities and remote diagnosis and management of patients in between mission trips. The new center will allow Health in Sight Mission to partner with local Honduran ophthalmologists on the mainland who can also regularly care for patients. Our team plans to create a training program for ophthalmic technicians and ancillary staff to provide screenings and assist in procedures.

Whereas mission teams were able to care for dozens of patients on weekly visits throughout the year, we anticipate the new eye center will allow us to care for hundreds of patients on a regular basis.