Roatán Build Campaign

Health in Sight Mission is very excited to be in the planning stages to build a new eye clinic on the island of Roatán in Honduras. This clinic will allow us to provide much needed care to underserved patients, including more advanced eye surgery than any existing local facility can accommodate. Our team is committed to raising enough funding to construct, outfit, and open a clinic that will have a major positive impact on Roatán.

Building The Future of Eye Care in Roatán

There are over 100,000 people living on Roatán, but access to medical services is very limited. While Health in Sight Mission is currently able to provide some basic eye care and limited surgical care during our mission trips, a new clinic would allow for continuous care, advanced procedures, and training opportunities.

We have made significant progress so far:

  • Land has been secured for the clinic.
  • The eye care delivery model has been created.
  • Local partnerships are in place, including with well-established local provider Clinica Esperanza.
  • Permission has been obtained from the Ministry of Health and local government.
  • Honduran doctors are enthusiastic about becoming involved.
  • Professional eye care companies, including New World Medical and Zeiss, have pledged financial support.

Meeting The Challenges of Construction in Roatán

Our fundraising campaign is focused on raising money for the construction of the clinic. Unlike typical construction processes in the United States, there are no construction loans or financing available in Honduras. While we have already taken many of the critical steps toward realizing this dream, we can only reach our goal if we raise the $350,000 needed to construct the clinic.

You Can Help an Entire Community

Vision care is integral to overall health and productivity. Currently, many people in Roatán suffer from diminished or lost vision that could be restored with proper ophthalmological treatment. This clinic will also have a positive effect on the community by employing and training local citizens. Your donation can help an entire island!

Donate today to fund the Health in Sight Mission Roatán Build Campaign.