Dr. Darin Bowers

Dr. Darin Bowers, President

Dr. Darin Bowers is a board-certified ophthalmologist and the co-founder and President of Health In Sight Mission. Dr. Bowers is committed to improving lives through vision care. In addition to working in Roatán, he also practices at Piedmont Eye Center in Virginia.

Dr. Bowers’ Path to Ophthalmology

In his youth, Dr. Bowers was very interested in biology and vision in particular. He considered optometry and was motivated by an advisor to enter the field of ophthalmology. After graduating medical school, he completed a residency in internal medicine before going on to his ophthalmology residency. Dr. Bowers is passionate about vision care and considers the eye to be a unique window into the human body.

Dr. Bowers and Health in Sight Mission

Dr. Bowers and his wife Pam, a registered nurse, were very interested in medical mission work, but they were careful to wait for the right opportunity to become involved. It was very important to them that they used their time and skills in a way that would provide true benefits to underserved people. To Dr. Bowers, this meant that he was looking for a mission that would allow him to build long-lasting relationships and provide a continuity of care for a community in need.

Opportunity presented itself when Dr. Bowers became aware of the need for eye care in Roatán. Since establishing Health In Sight Mission, he has developed relationships on the island and is honored to have helped restore vision for patients who are able to regain their independence after receiving proper vision care. Dr. Bowers is struck by the warmth, patience, and gratitude of the patients in Roatán.