Noemi’s Volunteer Story

“More happy and super grateful patients like Pedro got cataract surgery!

Also, more difficult news to deliver…one case that really hit home was that of an 18 year old girl (pictured right) with congenital cataracts who was devastated. It is definitely not by chance that I was there to cry with her, get to know her, pray with her, encourage her, and be inspired by her. God is at work beautifully even when it doesn’t seem like it.”

In getting to know this 18-year-old girl I found out that she liked to draw. Before leaving Roatan, the team and I bought art supplies for her. She was so grateful for this simple gesture. When surgery or glasses cannot restore someone’s vision, God may call us to fill some other need. This is a place where you come with an open heart and let God touch it through the lives you meet.

I helped examine patients before their cataract surgeries and got to observe one! Dispensed glasses and witnessed faces light up. A patient even broke out in a dance after trying out his glasses. Unfortunately, I also had to tell 3 men who are practically blind that nothing could be done to recover their vision due to their advanced glaucoma…if only it had been detected and treated adequately in time. It broke my heart. Grateful for my awesome God who steps in when I don’t have the words to say and just feel like crying. I told one of them and his daughter that although nothing could be done here, we can praise God for the restored bodies we will have in heaven. Their positive attitude and display of gratitude despite our limitations was amazing (mind you, they spent about 8 hours at the clinic!). Falling in love with this island and its people.”


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